Wednesday, January 13, 2010

BLT Wraps

I was in the mood for something different, and a little lighter! Hope you enjoy!

1 Tortilla
Lettuce (I prefer Romaine)
1-2 Tomato Slices
3-4 Strips of cooked Bacon (I used Turkey Bacon)
Dollop of Mayo

Heat the Bacon til it is cooked through, if using Turkey Bacon just heat in the microwave on a microwave safe plate, between a couple sheets of Paper Towels, about 3 minutes. While that's cooking slice your tomatoes. Heat the Tortilla up for about 15 seconds, just to soften it a little so it'll roll up easier. Spread some Mayo on the tortilla, just enough to coat. Lay the lettuce down on one side of the tortilla, then top with the tomatoes and bacon. Roll up, and slice in half.
Makes 1 Wrap

This was simple, and delicious! A nice, fairly light lunch in just a couple minutes! This is definitely something I will be making again! 3.5 Stars

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