Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Seasoned Grilled Corn

Seasoned Grilled Corn, Farmers Wife Original Recipe.
 Hey y'all!! Oh my does it feel good to be back... Goodness I missed posting! I think I'm finally feeling better (for those who don't know that's why I've been gone all week!) and ready to get back into the swing of things here!

Ok now I'm sorry I left you hanging last week with the rest of the recipes from our grilling adventure a couple weeks ago, so here's the finale of our grilling recipes (for now hehe!). A couple of weeks ago, my hubby came home with a big bucket full of fresh corn. I know, y'all are probably jealous and I'm sorry for that. haha! But here's the deal, I'm extremely allergic to to corn husks. So all the hard work goes to my Hubby for shucking all that corn, (I now have 3 gallon sized ziploc bags full of corn if y'all have any ideas for them!) and we decided to give cooking them on the grill a try. Great, no, awesome idea! We all really enjoyed this corn, including my little sous chef, who ate probably more corn than anything else... haha! And it complimented the Balsamic Chicken and Seasoned Potatoes so well... And we didn't even need to add any more butter to the corn before eating! I highly recommend giving this method a try sometime this summer, you really won't be disappointed!

2 Ears of Corn per person (cus y'all know you want you can't just eat 1!)
Olive Oil
Freshly Ground Black Pepper
Garlic Powder

Once your corn is shucked and clean, place in a deep dish and drizzle olive oil all over, then sprinkle seasonings to your desire, making sure to fully coat the entire cob. Then wrap each cob in foil and heat your grill to 350-375°F, place the corn on the bottom grate and cook for about 20-30 minutes turning them every 5 minutes for even cooking. You'll know they are done when you open the foil and poke a kernel and fresh juice easily squirts out. Serve warm.

Honestly, I'm not sure I'll make corn on the cob any other way... I was so impressed by how they turned out, and like I said, did not need any added butter before eating... Yum! 5 stars.

Psst... Don't forget to check back on Friday for this weeks guest poster... Lark from Lark's Country Heart! You will LOVE this sweet treat she has to share with y'all!

The Farmers Wife
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  1. Gosh it is that time of year isnt it. I love grilled corn. I grill mine silk husk and all.

  2. grilled corn is really awesome, here in the Philippines corn is always in season...I will try this recipe this weekend thanks

  3. I love grilled corn like this! reminds me so much of summer! glad you're feeling better!

  4. Love Corn on the Cob!
    I have even sprinkles on some Parm. cheese. :)

  5. I´ve never grilled corn before, but i think i would try it.
    Sorry for my trrible english:)

    Greets from Kiwi

  6. YUM! I can't wait till our local sweet corn is ready...this is a winner :)

  7. I love grilled veggies and fruit. Yummy!


  8. Thanks y'all!! I love seeing some of the new comer's comments on this!! This truly is a great recipe, we just grilled up some more tonight! ;-)

  9. Mmmm, mmmm good. Grilled corn! Your seasonings sound just perfect.

  10. Yum!! I, too, sprinkle on some Parm when the corn is hot. Sometimes a little lime butter with cilantro too :)
    Great one!

  11. So trying grilled corn this summer! I love corn, but have never cooked it this way - looks amazing! Can't wait for fresh corn to be for sale here!

  12. I am eagerly awaiting corn season here. I can't wait. Thanks for sharing the idea!


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