Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Cheesy Mac

Cheesy Mac, Farmers Wife Original Recipe

I don't know about you all but in my house Mac and Cheese is a go to meal, and loved by both my son and hubby. Typically we're a blue box kinda family, though I've tried making different versions over the years, they were never enjoyed as much as this beloved blue box. Until this recipe I made just last week. It was one of those days where I didn't really feel like cooking, wanted something easy and was really in the mood for pasta. So I went searching through my fridge and pantry and found all of the ingredients listed below and started cooking, and man am I glad I did!!! I've never seen my son eat Mac and Cheese the way he did that night, and the next day for lunch, and the next day after that... It was a little bit crazy!

I think if we're all honest with ourselves, we each have a little kid in us buried deep down that still wants that good ole' comfort food. And I love being able to pass those favorites of mine down to my son. I hope that this will bring back some cheesy memories for you all, and also have to say this would be a pretty awesome side dish on Christmas! ;-)

1 lbs. Ditalini Pasta (or your pasta of choice)
1/3 Cup Heavy Cream
1 1/2 Cups Mild Cheddar, Shredded
1 Cup Velveeta, cubed
Pepper to taste

In a large stock pot cook your pasta til Al Dente' or preferred doneness. In a medium pot, heat your cream, cheeses and pepper until smooth and bubbly, stirring frequently. Once your pasta is done, drain and pour back into the pot. Then pour all the cheese mixture on top and stir until evenly coated, serve warm.

This was surprisingly good to be honest. I've made homemade mac and cheese before and it was not loved by my boys, but they both devoured this batch and asked for more! I'd give this 4.5 stars!

Happy Cooking, and Merry Christmas!

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Friday, December 9, 2011

Cookie Swap Party!!!

Hey y'all!! I thought we'd have a little bit of fun today! Ever been to a cookie swap party?!? I remember going all the time with my mom back in the day. But now I thought we should have a fun "virtual" cookie swap! I hope y'all will join in the fun, and let all your friends know! I'll get us started by posting my favorite cookie recipes for y'all to check out!

First up is my creation from last Christmas, possibly my favorite cookie ever!! 

Next is a new twist on the classic Peanut Butter Blossoms, with the Hershey's Kiss in the middle... Chewy Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies:

Third would have to be the family recipe we just can't live without, especially at the Holidays...

And last, but certainly not least is my Grandma's classic...

Here are the rules for this Linky!:

1. Link up to your exact post, not the main page of your site.

2. Please link back to this Cookie Swap somewhere on your blog, you can use this code to link back to this page: http://www.the-farmers-wife.net/2011/12/cookie-swap-party.html

3. Have fun and link up as many cookie recipes as you want, and check out all the ones you want to make this year! Let get started!

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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Easy Cheesy Hasherole

Easy Cheesy Hasherole, Farmers Wife Original Recipe

It's hard to believe we're already into December! This last year has totally flown by so fast, I think I got whiplash... lol! It's so unbelievable to me how far this blog has come in the last year, if it weren't for all of you I know The Farmers Wife wouldn't be where it is today, and I probably would've run out of recipe ideas a long time ago if y'all didn't challenge me! I just love all of my fans!

Anyway, you came here for a recipe, not my emotional diatribe. Well it will come as no surprise that this is another breakfast recipe. I think I'm just a bit obsessed with breakfast foods. Not entirely sure why to be honest, something about it is comforting to me. Something y'all probably don't know though is I frequently try to create homemade "Skillet" dishes to please my picky boys. I grew up loving these dishes filled with eggs, veggies, cheese, meat and maybe some potatoes served with toast. Such a simple idea yet very filling and full of flavor. I've been working on a recipe for a long time that was pleasing to all of us, and last night I finally achieved this goal! I wish I could say this came as some sort of epiphany, or anything special. It was more like "I have this leftover, and some of this... Sounds like a skillet to me!" haha! But when my hubby took his first bite and actually said "Mmmm..." I was shocked! He said that because I used less veggies and added the hash browns it was perfect guy food. So if you have a picky guy you're trying to feed breakfast this weekend, I hope you'll give this a try! It's kid and guy approved!

4 Hash brown Patties
8 Eggs
4 Slices Canadian Bacon, diced (or ham would work too)
1/2 Cup Diced Tomatoes
2 Green Onions, diced
1 1/2 Cups Shredded Cheddar
Pepper to taste

Cook your hash browns according to package directions, until crispy. Then chop into bite sized pieces and set aside. In a skillet cook your Canadian bacon, tomatoes and onion until heated through and the bacon is slightly browned, scoop into a bowl and set aside. Clean our your skillet and spray with cooking spray, then scramble the eggs with a dash of pepper. Once the eggs are cooked add back in the bacon and veggie mixture, and the hash browns. Heat through, then add the cheese and mix on low heat until cheese is completely melted. Serve warm.

This dish was so simple, it really came together pretty fast as I was able to cook the veggies and eggs while the hash browns were baking and the whole thing took only about half an hour. Which is my kind of meal! With my boys giving it 2 thumbs up I have to say this gets a 5 star rating! This would be fantastic for a Christmas morning breakfast alongside some toast, or cinnamon rolls... Yum!

Happy Cooking!

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