Saturday, March 26, 2011

Banana Cinnamon Chip Waffles

 This is a Farmers Wife Original.

It's that time of week again, you know, the weekend... For me it's the time that I think about breakfast constantly, am I going to make something, are we going to be home in the morning, do I even care to make it, I'm cool with just a cup of coffee why aren't the boys?!? (I know I know, my son is too little for coffee, but in my half awake head I don't consider his age! lol!) But you also know that I LOVE making breakfast for dinner, which is where this recipe comes into play, let me set the scene for ya!

Thursday afternoon, relaxing on the couch after a long day of shopping and cleaning, watching food network (duh!) and I see Giada De Laurentiis making waffle's. And as I sit there watching her make waffle's from a boxed mix I gasp! How on earth could she do that, now I'm not judging, I too have made waffle's from a mix before, and I get the premise of making it easy. But waffle's are the simplest breakfast food you'll ever make! And from that came the idea to suddenly make waffle's for dinner. Ok, I have to be honest, I battled with myself for about an hour as to whether or not to actually make these. Haha! I'm such a doof, I mean I was tired, feeling lazy and knew that the next day was going to be hectic, so my plan had been to have leftovers. And here's where the weekend comes into play, I finally decided that if I made them for dinner that night, we could eat the leftovers for breakfast this weekend and thus ensues my lazy weekend plan! ha!! I know, you're probably laughing your heart out at me right now, and I'm so totally cool with this so long as you give these waffle's a try soon! I couldn't just make boring waffle's for dinner either, it goes against every grain in my body anymore to make the bare essentials (sorry, can't help it, I've become a food aholic! Please don't have me committed!!!) but still these were simple, delicious and honestly my new favorite breakfast food!

2 cups of All Purpose Flour
2 Tablespoons Sugar
1 Tablespoon Baking Powder
Dash of Nutmeg
2 Eggs
1 3/4 cups Milk (I used 1%)
1/2 cup Vegetable Oil
1 teaspoon Vanilla
1 Banana, Mashed (add more banana if you want more banana'y flavor)
3 Tablespoons Cinnamon Chips

Heat your waffle iron. In a large bowl mix together your dry ingredients with a whisk, make a well in the center, then set aside. Next in a medium bowl beat the eggs slightly, then add in the milk, oil, vanilla and banana. Whisk that together then add to the dry mixture, whisk until just combined, should be slightly lumpy. Add your cinnamon chips, and mix. Next grease your waffle iron well, then pour about 1 cup (depending on the size of your waffle iron, make sure the little crannies are all covered) of batter on, spread it out with your ladle and close the lid. Do not open until the waffles are done. Bake according your manufacturer's directions. Use a fork to lift the waffle off the grid, repeat with remaining batter always greasing again before adding more mix. Serve warm.

I must say I was highly impressed with these baby's. My little sous chef absolutely loved his waffle, and after a few minutes I realized he was using his fork to cut his side of sliced banana's into smaller pieces to eat with each bit of waffle, which gave me the idea to garnish with sliced banana's, and let me just say he had the right idea with that one! I got a dozen waffle's out of this recipe, so it makes a lot! 5 stars.

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