Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Recipe Roundup

I've been caught in another game of tag, only this time it's all about food for your Easter Celebration!! My friend The Country Cook tagged me to put together an Easter menu for y'all using recipe's already on my blog. Now I think this is a pretty cool idea, and while this isn't my exact menu for our Easter dinner this is what I would make if I could only cook recipes from my own blog! Like Brandie I don't have a Ham recipe on my blog, though I will after this Sunday! Links to the recipes for these treats are underneath each picture. Here we go!

Every good holiday starts with a good breakfast! 
And this is similar to what my little Sous Chef asked to have this sunday!


And we all need a drink...

And for dessert....

I think that about rounds it up!! Doesn't that look like one giant, fattening holiday feast?!? haha! Now to share the menu for our actual feast!

Ham with Maple Orange Glaze (though I'm going to use Pineapple), Candied Sweet Potatoes, Maple Glazed Carrots, Jordan Rolls, Apple Sauce and for dessert a Low Fat Cherry Cheesecake.

I am really excited for Easter this year, and I pray that you all will have a wonderful day in celebrating that HE is Risen!!! 

Now I get to tag some of my friends to do this too! So here are my tags:

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Last chance to enter the Giveaway, it ends TONIGHT (Good Friday) at midnight! Winner will be announced Saturday! 

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