Monday, May 2, 2011

New Blog Design!!

Hey all! Sorry no new recipe to publish today, should be back up and running tomorrow.

First of all, I wanted to apologize if you tried to access The Farmers Wife this afternoon and it wouldn't let you in the front door! I was working on redesigning the whole page, and made it private so as to reveal the new look all at once!!

Second, You may notice a brand new header and design, as well as a brand new button!!! I just created all of this myself over the weekend, and am thrilled to show it off to y'all! I hope you like it, I tried to incorporate our favorite John Deere colors, but they were just TOO bright for my taste. haha!

Thirdly, You may notice the new button design. If you had my old button you will find the code to replace it (if you want to) right underneath the button itself. I appreciate all of you who already use my button, it's so sweet of you to advertise me like this!

Thank you SO much all for your support, I appreciate each and everyone of you immensely.

Have a Blessed Day!

The Farmers Wife

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