Thursday, May 19, 2011

Turkey Bacon Club

 Farmers Wife Original Recipe

When I was a kid there was this restaurant we used to go to on occasion that had, I swear the best Turkey Club Sandwich's ever. I used to order them all the time along with a chocolate or strawberry shake and their delicious shoe string cheese fries... Oh yeah baby! I can't even tell you how long it's been since I not only ate that meal, but since I could, guilt free, eat that meal. HAHA! Now a days I count my calories and my workout time and worry about whether or not I can eat that little snack I want so badly. But this was one meal I didn't feel guilty about, and brought back all my yummy memories of eating this as a kid!

You could make the full fat version of this with real bacon, and real mayo, and serve it with some yummy fries, or you could make this lower fat version and still enjoy a bowl of ice cream afterwards! Now if you're like me, the latter sounds the best, ice cream?!? YES PLEASE!! I really didn't miss the extra fat from this sandwich, and it was even Man approved by the Farming Hubby! So you know it's not labeled chick food... at least not yet! And y'all know me, I like a good easy dinner once in awhile, and this falls into that category!

Ingredients: makes 2 sandwich's
6 slices Sourdough Bread
8 slices Turkey Bacon
12 slices Lean Turkey Lunch meat
3 Tablespoons Mayo
Sliced Tomato

Toast your bread lightly, once toasted spread a little mayo on one side of each slice. This keeps the bread from getting rock hard. Cook the bacon according to package directions, typically I do mine in the microwave. To assemble, start with one slice of bread, mayo side up, layer turkey, bacon, tomato and lettuce, place another slice of bread mayo side down and then mayo the top side and repeat the layers. Place the top slice of bread mayo side down, and insert toothpicks  onto each side and then with a sharp serrated knife slice in half.

I would give this 4 stars. I was very happy with how this turned out, it was crispy and fresh and made my tummy very happy! haha! I will totally make this again, hopefully with some homemade sourdough next time!

P.S. Be sure to tune in every Friday starting tomorrow until the end of July for my new Friday Feature of Guest posters on The Farmers Wife! First up is the fabulous Sandra from Sandra's Easy Cooking! So be sure and check back tomorrow for that!

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