Friday, July 22, 2011

Steak Rub from The Geeky Farmer

It's FRIDAY!! Y'all know what that means, Guest Post day here at The Farmers Wife! This week's guest post is my favorite by far, and you know why? Because our wonderful poster this week is my amazing Hubby, Jeremy aka The Geeky Farmer! You've heard me talk about him for months, and rave about how awesome he is, and now y'all get to actually "meet" Jeremy!

I want to state for the record that this picture is old... lol! This is probably about 4 years old in fact, it was taken while I was pregnant with our son. But we don't tend to take pictures of ourselves anymore, they're all of the little man or in my case of food... haha! But isn't he handsome? Ok.. Maybe I don't want y'all to answer that question... haha! This man is not only the love of my life, but he is the most AMAZING Griller I know. When I say I would much rather have a steak at home, grilled by him, than go to the top rated steakhouse in our city I'm not even kidding. He is amazing! Now y'all know from my posts that my Hubby is a dedicated Farmer, but he really is more than that. He is a great cook, and is always challenging me in the kitchen, and I in turn like to challenge him on the grill. But enough from me, because I really could go on for days about this wonderful man, now you get to hear from him!


Hey all! It's Jeremy, or as I refer to myself over on my blog "The Geeky Farmer". First I want to say thank you to my beautiful wife for the opportunity to share this with all of you, but before we get started, here is a bit about me. I spent a good bit of my teen and young adult life building and fixing computers as well as dabbling in programming and web design. Just before high school we moved back to my dad's hometown so he could help with the family farm and I have worked there ever since. When I'm out driving tractors all day I have a good bit of time to research all sorts of geeky stuff, I usually browse through over 1,200 geeky articles a week thanks to GreenStar GPS auto-steer and my Verizon Droid X! I too have a blog where I do reviews of Android smartphone apps and a friend of mine does iOS apps for me.

Like most of you, my dad did all the grilling when I was a kid, but as I grew up I gradually started taking over as my dad was working long hours. By the time I was in high school I was doing most of the grilling and I liked it, so much so that I even got grilling related supplies a couple times for Christmas. As time went on I moved out and then got married and eventually got my own grill.

Not long after I decided to make my own steak spice mix as I just was not satisfied with what you could buy in the store. While there were quite a few packet mix things that are great for chicken there were not many that I liked that were good for beef, so I started experimenting with different combinations of spice mixes and decided that I liked Garlic, Lemon, Salt and Pepper.

At first I would use Garlic Salt and Lemon Pepper, but it still didn't quite satisfy my flavor, mostly because it was too salty. Then one weekend when Kim was pregnant with our son we spent an entire evening trying different mixes and spices and finally decided on a great mix!

There isn't so much a recipe, just a ratio, that way you can mix it in any quantity you need. The ratio is as follows, using these exact measurements should be enough for 1-2 average sized steaks or about 6 hamburgers:

4 Tbsp Lemon Pepper
3 Tbsp Garlic Powder (Granulated Garlic works too, but I prefer the powder, easier to get an even mixture)
3 Tbsp Onion Powder (dried chopped onions works too, but has to be applied separately and is harder to measure, also much more likely to fall or be knocked off while cooking)

Steak pre-grilled with seasoning slathered on.
For steak I recommend you mix the powders on a bowl, then using a spoon, shake them on the raw steak good and thick. You should have to pat it down with your hands to get it to stay. If they are less than say 2+ inch thick then I usually spread the powder on a plate or something and roll the steak in it till it picks up a good bit of the spices. For hamburgers I usually shake some on after the first time I flip them (explained below), putting on about 1/3-1/2 as much as the steaks.

Kim suggested that I give a brief explanation of how I cook burgers and steak for you all, so here goes. Before I start I should warn you, I like my beef with no pink left, so if you like it so it's still walking around on your plate mooing, well then you'll have to change these instructions accordingly.

I start both burgers and steak the same way: Get the grill good and hot, say 375°-425°, then cook them for 5-7 minutes on each side. For steaks I then move them to the upper rack and turn the temp down to about 325° and continue cooking 5-7 minutes on each side until cooked to your liking. Hamburgers I keep the temp hot and just keep them moving being careful to not let them burn.


Thanks Honey, for this great post! You know I love your steak and burgers, and now the whole world knows too! I really hope y'all enjoyed this post, and this fantastic recipe, as well as getting to know the man behind The Farmers Wife! This won't be the last you hear from Jeremy either, he'll be doing another tutorial soon!

If you want to see what Jeremy's blog is all about you can check out his site: The Geeky Farmer

You can also "Like" him on Facebook and follow him on not only One (@TheGeekyFarmer) but Two (@GeekyFarmerNews) Twitter Accounts!

Happy Grilling!
The Farmers Wife & The Geeky Farmer

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