Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Party Food!!

 Hey y'all! So I'm told there's this big football game coming up this Sunday... Something I heard about a Stuper Bowl... haha! I know, I know it's Super Bowl Sunday this February 5th... And while I will not be partaking of any football type activities as it is also my Birthday (I HATE when my b-day falls on Super Bowl Sunday.... UGH!) I know most of you out there will be. So to get you started on your menu plans, or to just give you some ideas here's my list of favorite party foods! I hope y'all have a fantastic weekend, and may the best team win (FYI I have NO idea who's playing... BAHAHAHA!!!)

 Party Food!!
(So you know there is a specific party food category on the site, and all of these are listed there too!)


Pizza Bites (These are both man and kid approved, so if you have any kids coming to your party these are a must have!)

Pizza Muffins (A kid pleaser, but you can easily change the fillings for your party goers)

Corn Dog Bites (You just can't go wrong with these puppies!)

Bean Dip (Who doesn't love a good dip?!? teehee!)

Main Dishes:

Hoagies (You can mix these up so much to your specific tastes, and make several for all your guests! OR if doing a sandwich bar give my Spicy Mayo a try!)

Italian Beef (Easy, delicious, and feeds a crowd! Serve with little buns, or big ones)

Crock Pot Savory Chili (Because every football party requires some good chili!)

Pulled BBQ Beef (Simple yet very tasty and man approved game day food! And if you forget the buns here's a recipe for Hamburger Buns)

Balsamic Grilled Chicken (May sound girly... But totally man approved! My man couldn't get enough of this chicken!)

Tostada Pizza   (For a Mexican themed party day!)

Chicken Fingers (Served with a wide range of dipping sauces and your boys will be happy and messy for hours!)

Grilled Steak with Grill Seasonings (This was my Hubby's recipe he shared this summer, and with tips of the perfect grilled Steak and Burger!)


Potato Salad (Simple, basic, total man food! Add in onions or pickles as you see fit, or put them on the side!)

Baked Beans (Staple for any game day party!)

Cheesy Mac (Who doesn't love a good Mac and Cheese?!?)

Lighter Loaded Mashed Taters (Shhh... Don't tell them it's diet!!)

Vanilla Fluff Fruit Salad (It's so good it could almost be a dessert!)

Seasoned Grilled Corn (It's super easy, and famously delicious!)

Seasoned Potatoes (Cooked on the grill so less clean up, and totally dude approved)


Cookie Pizza (I know this may seem more like chick food, but I'm sure you could get inventive and use the colors from your favorite team to make a design on your cookie!)

Fruit Salsa and Cinnamon Sugar Chips (A wonderful dessert, that's different from your typical variety!)

Grandma M's Chocolate Chip Cookies (Because everyone loves a good cookie)

White Raspberry Cake (Basically a Jell-O cake, where you can use whatever flavor of Jell-O you want to match your teams colors! And can use fruit on the top to make the team logo!)


Pineapple Mango Punch (This is guy approved, my man made up this concoction himself! Nice alternative to beer, cus I'm sorry but I hate that stink!)  

Hope you all enjoy your Super Bowl Parties, and that this helps with our menu planning for the big day! I personally hope to catch every chick flick possible and chill with my family all day! ;-)

Happy Cooking!

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