Monday, July 2, 2012

Shredded BBQ Chicken Sandwiches

Shredded BBQ Chicken Sandwiches, Farmers Wife Original

There are some recipes that you make so often that you forget not everyone know about it. I admit to having some of those in my repertoire. This is one such recipe. I invented it several years ago when I was pregnant with my son (who is now 4!!! AHH!!) as it was easy and didn't require hardly any work for this worn out momma. And it was such a huge hit with family and friends that I've kept it around all these years. Now this isn't some fancy recipe by any means, really nothing impressive here. However it's simplicity and flavor make it a keeper in my book, and I'm so glad to finally be sharing this with you all!

This BBQ Chicken is fantastic for parties (like July 4th!!), or a busy work day. I can't tell you the numerous times I've made this for a semi last minute guest, and all the many ways I've used this chicken in leftovers. I've used it as the base for my BBQ Chicken Pizza, Calzones, I've even made a new recipe that has yet to be shared with you all BBQ Chicken Muffins! Those were pretty amazing! I hope you enjoy this simple meal as much as my family does!

6 Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts (I use frozen)
16 oz. Barbecue Sauce (I like KC Masterpiece Original for this recipe)
Your favorite Hamburger Buns

In a large crock pot place the chicken, cover with the sauce so that it fully covered with extra to spare. Cook on low for 6-8 hours. Once chicken is cooked shred, place back in the crock pot (can add more sauce if needed) to simmer for another 30 minutes. Serve warm on buns.

I told you it was simple! lol! Nothing major or complicated about this recipe but I can assure you it is a crowd pleaser! This also freezes beautifully. 4.5 stars.

Happy July 4th!!!

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