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Welcome to The Farmers Wife! I am so very glad you've decided to join my small little food world. I have always been obsessed with food, and cooking, and as my husband always says I have a fat girl deep down inside me somewhere and when it comes to food she tends to win! Since you're here you're obviously curious as to why on earth I have this blog, well here's a little info about me, check out the FAQ's page for answers to frequently asked questions.

About me, the Farmers Wife (aka Kim):
I'm a stay at home wife and mom to the wonderful Farming Husband, and our adorable Preschooler aka The Little Sous Chef and our sweet baby girl aka Little Miss. I love my life, and my family. It's nothing like I dreamed it would be, it's so much better! I thank God everyday for all that He's blessed my life with. We live in the Southwest and absolutely love it, I love the fresh farm veggies I get, and the lettuce is out of this world! It's not exactly the boonies, but it's not exactly a booming city either, just right to raise our family! I love to cook, as you may have guessed from the nature of my blog, but I also love to work with design. I used to dabble in the field of design many years ago, and recently have rediscovered my love for it with the work I've done on my own site.

The Farming Hubby:
He works on our families farm, and loves it! He is a very hard worker, but is also the most amazing man I know! He is my soul mate in every way possible, and is the best father to our little guy. He is also my taste tester for every recipe you see on here, and my biggest fan! He is also the author of a blog called The Geeky Farmer, where he reviews different apps for your mobile and PC devices!

My Little Sous Chef:
He is the light of my life! He is definitely my biggest critic as he is very picky at times. But I know that if he likes a recipe than it is definitely a winner and must be made again! We are starting on homeschooling him this year, and he is loving it. We also recently gave him a little sister whom he adores more than anything else in this world (besides John Deere Tractors of course!).

Little Miss:
She is the baby of the family and such a sweet little blessing to our lives. I don't know that I've ever seen a more loved baby between her Mommy, Daddy and Big Brother she is very spoiled! So far she is still on baby foods, and you can check out her favorites on the Baby + Kids Page. She loves to play peek-a-boo, blow raspberries, snuggle, watch The Hamster Dance on youtube, and spend time with her family!

If you ever have any questions please feel free to email me at: thefarmerswifeblog@gmail.com, some may end up on the FAQ's page!

Thank you for visiting our little farming world, may God Bless you!

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  1. Hi Kim, It's Tonya from 4 little Fergusons, just wanted to say I love your blog and your recipes look FANTASTIC! :)

  2. Hi Kim!

    I created a link page on my blog and I included yours in it! Let me know if it’s ok with you.


  3. Hear this. We love you. The steward is a farmer's daughter and one day we will take up the mantle of the farmer :) It is hard, backbreaking, but VERY noble work and we salute you, your husband and family. Plus you must have excellent produce to cook with!


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