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Since everyone has a natural curiosity, I get asked these questions a lot! Feel free to email me at: to ask your own questions that may one day end up on this page!


Why did you start this blog?
I get this question A LOT! Honestly, I started it as a way for me to keep track of my favorite recipes. I have always invented recipes and have a tendency to forget to write them down (mostly because I hate my own handwriting) plus I like having a picture to associate with the recipe. For me it triggers a memory of how well I liked the recipe and how it tasted. So I guess in all honesty I started it selfishly for myself. HAHA! But I love being able to share all my favorites with you, and I hope you enjoy anything you try.

What does being a "Federated Media Publisher Mean"?
It means that I work with Federated Media Publishing, and allow them to advertise on my site, as well as advertise me.

What does your 1-5 star rating system mean?
If you notice so far there are no 1 star rated recipes. For me a 1 star would be absolutely horrible, will never make this again, gross recipe. The reason you don't see any of those is not that I never have those sort of meals, but it's because I don't want to post anything that we didn't honestly enjoy. I don't feel that's fair to you by putting up a recipe that's not worth trying, and honestly why would I spend the extra time on it? A 2 star rating means, not great, but not awful either, probably won't make again. 3 stars is ok, won't make often. 4 stars is pretty good, will make often. 5 stars is we loved it, and I will add it into our frequent rotations. There are 0.5 ratings as well where I felt it was slightly above the previously mentioned ratings, but not enough to go up a whole level.

Who did you blog design?
Me! I've dabbled in graphic design for years, and while I know I'm not the world's best by far I am happy with the look and homey feel of my site and hope to continue to improve my design skills making this site more professional as time goes on.

How did you and The Farming Hubby meet?
Oddly enough I've gotten this a lot. And it's a long story, but the gist of it is we met through a mutual friend over the internet. We eventually ended up talking on the phone and chatting via webcams, but we weren't official til middle of 2005. We've been together ever since, got engaged spring of 2006, and were married that November. I love him so much, and feel so blessed to have him in my life!

Where do you get the inspiration for your recipes?
Well.... It varies. Sometimes from another recipe, sometimes from a show, but honestly most of the time from a single ingredient or from a dream while sleeping. Yes I am serious, you know how some people dream in black and white, or dream that they're being chased etc.? I dream in food. Kinda weird I know, but hey who's complaining?
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